How to start Everyday!

You are going to B very happy you landed here! Who are the most generous people...

What was I supposed to be doing today? What did I do? Phone calls, computers, cars, insurance, shopping, lottery, banking... all that kind of stuff doesn't matter one little bit. Think about shit.

How do you know what you're doing? How soon we forget today, especially when we start getting what we want. Then, we have the nerve to be alarmed when we get tired of doing the same old shit. How long have you been doing the same old shit? Do you know some people work a job, they never wanted, 30, 40  years. How long do you clean somebody else's house? How long would you? Especially if they were your enemy?

Do you really know what you're doing? Is that what education is all about, are we teaching our children anything worthwhile? Do you even know what's most important in life? Does it have anything to do with our current system of education?

Do you know what we're doing today? Hurry up and wait!  Is it about current events? Are we focused in on the "right events"? Sometimes I think about people in other countries, trying to get what we take for-granted.

They spend generations and generations doing without what you have and they do so much more, is that the same old shit? Think, you don't even know what it's like to be starving? Too comfortable in wrong!

You can't imagine being without the comforts of utilities, running water... an you're still dumb ass shit. The more you get, the worse you get. Their excuse is, they don't have the resources, opportunities...

So, to keep from doing the same old stupid shit, I'm going to start everyday with what I am doing today. I want to stay focused on what I'm suppose to do and doing to help my fellow man. How often? What about breaks, vacations...

What am I doing right now, am I helping? Is there a real need? The closer I get to you, the more you make me see. Poor people are the most generous people in and of this world!

(((your inner

How on the earth could you...

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!