Starting, Get

Am I doing anything worth a shit? Am I helping or hurting? Who's fault is that?

Sometimes we're so self absorded...hard to see. You do shit, but turns out totally different and it causes you to check yourself. Am i wasting my time? Will this prosper me?

Does it hurt to help? How easy is it for a black man to get a good job in his own town? What is the umemployment rate, (((in the black community)))?What about when helping is hurting? Who are we helping?

Why is that so important? Who pays attention to the children? What is the next trend? Is combat on the streets of America any different from combat in a war zone? Do we shoot our old folk, women and children? If the country is at war, what does that say about our seniors, women and children?

They say the hardest thing to do is to get started, but I differ there. How often do we start, but never finish, how many different things? How often do we tear down just to build a new? How many times have you done something you thought good only to learn it back fired?

Why don’t our children build on what we started? The hardest thing to do is not to get started but to maintain whatever it is you started. Who does our training?

It will end the way you started it, no matter what? Though you may change your mind, doesn’t mean everything else changed. We’re as busy as bees changing shit, building up our own world, but when you look around, what do we actually have? Is life the way we envisioned it, is it operating the way we know it should?

If you start out in confusion and chaos it will end in confusion and chaos. Because it feels so good doesn’t mean it’s not going to come back and bite you in the ass. You call that, Good intentions.

Life is like a train on the track, you can derail the train but life keeps going, now try to derail life, it’s like dipping water out of the ocean, the more you dip the more water comes in.

Life is all about what you’re doing and what you spend your time doing is what it is good or bad and today is proof we spend the vast majority of our time doing evil. Why are prices so high and fluctuate daily? Are you doing things because of how society views them? How does our society view women, what about women in combat? Is that ingrained from birth? Does this help or hurt?

Why must you leave your hometown to make a decent living? Here's the deal: The average income in Milledgeville household is $37, 000 a year. That's bullshit. You may get a check stub for that amount, but they make $37, 000,,, it just passes through your hands. Who's fault is that?

This country was founded upon principles of violence and abuse and it will end just as it was founded, no peace and no harmony. Maintaining is all about knowing when to hold and fold them. Because it is hard right now, does not mean I should abandon my project?

The next trend, if your parents like it then it’s not a good idea, but if your children like it, you already know. The long run.

(((Discussing and moving towards a more sustainable way of living.)))

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!