What Does Fishing Do for a Man

How do fish stories grow? Fishing for a man...

A day of fishing is never wasted, follow me and I will make you fishers of men, why?

Planning, executing and recovering, but first there a few things needed for fishing, so let’s get the planning stated. Five loaves and two fish - unless we ae to go and buy food for all these people and there were about five thousand of them.

Planning is the most important aspect of fishing. There’s a certain amount of inspiration needed to propel a man into such an age old tradition. Since, the beginning of time fish has been in high demand due to its availability, nutritional value and excitement, all of which creates a desire too strong to be ignored. People are quite elated to see a fisher returning home with the catch of the day.

Fishing presents an added challenge in that fish are in the water, a habitat normally avoided by man, who is a land dwelling being.

ROI, fishing is a great investment, in that the returns are, well used to be, much greater than the initial investment.  For just a little energy to obtain bait and a fishing pole, a man could feed his entire family, for little or nothing. Hence, over the years man has devised numerous clever schemes to get fish from the water.

Commercial fishing has negated the need for family fishing, so fishing is quickly becoming a thing of the past and reduced to sport, rather than a valuable life skill, all of which has led to depleting this valuable resource from the sea.

Plan, execute and recover Vision, Planning, Anticipation, Food, Adventure, Patience are all words that come to mind in the process of fishing, even if you catch nothing. Fishermen of the sea become fishermen of men and wherever the water goes people will live.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!