Good Haitian Soldiers 

What's good about them Haitian Soldiers?

A statue is being prepared to commemorate the military efforts made by Haitian soldiers, during the American Revolution.

I think that's GREAT until I ask myself: For whom were they fighting and for what were they fighting?

They were used to fight off the Brits so White Settlers could rape, pillage and burn at will. So, these Haitian soldiers were actually defending the honor of what came to be The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the slaughter of the indigenous people of America. Did they ever recognize this and what did they do about it?

Now, what is there to commemorate about any of this? Why would any Africans be happy about the grand efforts of approximately 750 Haitian soldiers, in America? What were they to gain in favor?

IF the Buffalo Soldiers fought for the wrong reason, which was favor from their white counterpart and they were denied, what about these Haitian warriors? Were they aware they were fighting to open another door to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?

Is this statue some kind of recognition of their ignorance and stupidity?

Speaking of Africa and Africans from the mother land, why weren't they concerned enough about their "fellow brothers and sisters" being sold into slavery? Were they ever concerned enough to take any positive action to stop the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?

Are we again fighting for the wrong reasons, are we being setup, pitted against, used as another commodity...?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!