Greatest Fear of Black Americans in America?

Is it ISIS, being drafted, education, guns, self...?

It ain't no terrorist group, or weapons of mass destruction, economy....

In 2015, the greatest fear of Black Americans, especially Black American males is: A White Man, in particular in positions of authority. Sadly, it is not the fear of any White man committing a crime against us but those entrusted to protect and serve. After such a long and turbulent history, lies and empty promises, Black Americans are further behind the economic and social eight-ball than they were in the beginning of their very inhumane introduction into America. We're more dependent and less inclined to be interdependent.

There's no greater fear than having a fun late night out and being stopped by American police. Harassment and intimidation, we fear for our lives and the lives of our children, especially for the lives of innocent Black youth, trying to have fun in America.

Black Americans are treated less than American by the American justice system, which is controlled by White men filling the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry. It's a corrupt double-standard system aimed at intimidating Black America into submission and they will use any means necessary to achieve this.

When we go to American banks, its not a smile but a feeling of anxiety, knowing the deal just doesn't depend on your ability to repay, but whether or not the representative is racist. And if they do approve you, there's always the question of corruption.

Even though Black Americans have done an excellent job in combating this great American threat, our environment is only met with more hostility.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!