Groping Women

This phenomenon continues with unlikely family and friends.

Charismatic and cunning, the culture of fear, groping Women Anywhere, multiple explanations and justifications for his behavior

What’s going on in the heads of people who know?  It’s okay when solicited but abuse when unsolicited. It’s okay when it’s you, but not okay when it’s your wife, daughter… So, what's going on with family and friends? Is this the way you treat your family or friends? What is the “green light”, where is the evidence for this American crime?

'I'm dying, I need you to save me. If I don't have sex, I will die. You are saving my life. You are helping me.' " The Winds of Change. Just what are they thinking while examining you?

Is it okay for you to grope a man or any other human being? Why so many violations when we know we’re violating? She lost her job when she was pregnant with her daughter  and that meant losing her apartment too. 

If you accept yourself first, will  the world accept you?  Groped: harassed and sexually assaulted .. A doctor sexually assaulted a patient after administering a procedure, a man sexually assaulted a dead woman, same sex exploited same sex after disagreement…

Airport security, stripped searched and threw the woman apprehended into a police car and hauled her off to jail, is this how we operate?

What would you do if someone feeling all over you made you angry? What happens when someone, anyone rubs the head of another person’s child?


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!