Don't you hate it when shit keeps changing, then read what you should do...

Is that why there's so much hatred?

Good habits bad habits… Is “thinking” an inconvenient process?

There are good habits and bad habits, which do you have? It all has to do with energizing your life. Are we really creatures of habit or are you thinking?

When people are stressed out and tired, they return to their fundamental routines -- good or bad. We refuse to grow.

Then there are good and bad habits that our seniors have instilled us. What kind of job can you get to help pay back a $30,000 loan? How does the default and retention rate look?  If the default rate is low and the retention rate is low, how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle? The attitude becomes “make this go away”.

So, how do you make this go away? The system, beware of the system and our limitation within it. The system says “you can have it all and you can have it all now” but it does not say, “that same system will smother you to death”. They know there will be people with weaknesses and deficiencies and our current system preys upon them, instead of helping them.

The problem now is, Is it to help more than it is for profit? Why are we so concerned about the retention rate?

Which road will you take, the same old way or something new? Is it really that hard for an old dog to learn new tricks? And the worse part about this all is we refuse to accept our own differences, especially in our fellow human beings.

As creatures of habit we find comfort in the same old ways. When something out of the ordinary comes along we find that very inconvenient to adjust, yet we want to be accepted. That says we find “thinking” an inconvenient process.

Change is inevitable Energize Your Life

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!