Justice and Equality

You do not have it because you're a coward, read why.

Everybody wants it but nobody has it...what's wrong with that picture?

Every person deserves Justice and Equality but how do we give it…Why cannot we have it?

How long, when will we stop fighting,,, EACH OTHER? And even crazier, the more we fight the worse things get, what kind of shit is that? Who gave you jurisdiction over me?

Have ever been robbed at gun point? I got a speeding ticket the other day, for nothing. I came home and saw the police in my yard, they said they were chasing a criminal. In a high speed chase through a residential area the police chased the car into my neighbor's yard. My single mom neighbor was robbed at gun point by robbers who disguised themselves as police. So, is it getting better, how is your neighborhood watch and does it do any good to call the police? What shall we do, why can't we have justice and equality?

Despite our noble intentions, human beings cannot bring about justice and equality, only God can and God is the spirit inside you. We need God’s, TMH, Jehovah, Alah… doesn’t matter what you call the God inside you, but you must listen to hear what your God is saying.

Do you listen, do you hear with your ears or your heart? You got to be able to give it in order to receive it, but we’re too of a coward to let go and listen to your inner voice. We need a, any good excuse will do to cause more chaos and confusion, violence and abuse.

I’ve seen injustices and inequalities all my life and most of them revolve around some type of political or religious bullshit, even education, so how can you achieve Justice and Equality by listening to people who want just the opposite. Well, if we were half way right, we’d be half way to what we’re supposed to be instead of just the opposite…go figure.

The only way to achieve Justice and Equality is to listen to the God within you. You cannot write a law, police or procedure because every situation is different. People must know what they know, act accordingly and be responsible for their own actions. Why would you be afraid to tell the truth, live of it, die for it? Would you rather die for a lie, living a life of lies? If you do not listen to you then who will…Justice and Equality?

For Justice and Equality for every human being,,,,(((your inner voice.com)))

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!