Why Hate and Corruption Strives in America?

How can you care and love anything which is created to destroy you or cause feelings of inferiority? Why do the indigenous people still feel so neglected, is it any better for other minorities, how did these people become minorities? I this a good thing? 'why do we lie about the "real American"?

As a retired American Soldier, this is a hard pill to swallow. It is a rude awaking to learn the country, your country, for which you put your life on the line to make it better, has gotten even worse and treats you like shit for doing this? Just ask any policeman? Which one of us is above the law? Why is the law different while in the military, yet against all you've been taught back in your hometown? PTSD???

If you do not recognize your weakness, what will happen. If you do not recognize the hurt, harm and danger you are causing to each other, land and resources, what will happen, if you fail to learn from your mistakes and keep repeating them, what will happen? If your understanding of happiness is built upon this violent and abusive history, what will happen to you? If you live a hypocritical lifestyle what will happen?

It is the year 2020 and since the beginning of the “so called” New America American shit and shit in America has gotten progressively worse. We live in a land in which we are more passionate about things than the land, ruled by a religion which tolerates atrocities, hate and bigotry for anyone who does not belong. The majority of our products are produced everywhere but America and we live in a society which believes guns/weapons of mass destruction are the decision making tools of choice. Yet we see our future as bright, incredible, vibrant, filled with confidence, love, peace, harmony and we want others to believe we are grateful for we have created, so we can sell it, at the highest price, to them.

We are seriously addicted to money and believe this is the solution to all our problems and through our clever marketing skills, we have about made this belief believable. Why would you want to sell a relationship where the people in that relationship hate the hell out of each other, for no apparent reason, other than pitting its own citizens against each other?

We are in a serious state of denial, focused on what we have and not what we want, so the responsibility for cleaning up our mess defaults to our children and future generations. They must consume their lives making sense of this over complicated lifestyle we’ve created to cover our own guilt, shame and lack of remorse.

I'm not fucking around and have stopped being a lil bitch, man up, step up, no one cares about your bullshit excuses and you need to stand stronger to do better for YOU! So, if a hate group attempted to pinned me to a tree, they will never forget it!

Are we releasing more negativity or generating more and calling it positivity? Is this divine order? Is this the kind of world we want our families to carry on, do we even feel connected to the land, how do we know true happiness and joy when we are so plagued by racism, hatred and corruption for profit?  Why would any society create something called inflation and pass these phony made-up economy scams on to their children?

Though these inhumane concerns are not unique to the new America, they are very prevalent in America and a serious deterrent to anything good and wholesome, especially in a country, who would like to consider her leadership style a style the world should emulate?

I'm grateful for all I do not have and my confidence in knowing the universe provides everything I need, therefore do not feel compelled to "go along to get along".

Hatred in America

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I am a racist!

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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