Racism and Hate Crimes in America 2017

Resolution of Racism and Hate crimes, is America even headed in the right direction?

Of all the crimes in America, racism is by far the most prevalent and horrific, has been, still is and will be until we change. American racism not only includes the horrific crimes committed against Africans in America, but attempted genocide committed against Native Americans. For these crimes committed against "all humanity", no justice, no one has been punished, no one has been counseled, no healing taking place, yet we say, we would like to believe a certain amount of progress is being made.

If you just look at racism and hate crimes against Black Americans, the situation has only gotten worse, but we say better. There is no way racism in America has improved because of the increased demands for safety and security measures. This alone indicates crime and in particular racially motivated crimes are on the rise and rightfully so.

The fight against gun control is another indicator, being guns were the primary weapon used to commit and/or aid in the commission of previous racially motivated crimes. This is another overt indicator of a desire for one people to defend and or attack another. The failure of our political leaders, professionals and society to acknowledge the rise of racially motivated crimes only opens the door to more crime and corruption.

Of all the so called progress made in America, it has been made with priority to one race of people, therefore intentionally denying others. Predominantly white owned and operated businesses are strategically managed to profit one group of Americans more than the other - superior and inferior. If businesses are primarily, if jobs are primarily owned and operated by one group of people, then this group's targeted audience has to be the rest of us.

Prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness is all America knows and these have been accepted as pacifiers for the real thing. I do not understand why it is so difficult for us, Americans to be true human beings to each other?

So, as America acts shocked, alarmed, innocent, unaware, indiscriminate, in regard to racism and hate crimes, she is the greatest perpetrator. The only people we can blame for domestic racism is ourselves. 

America is not, has never been headed in the right direction to abolish or discourage racially motivated crimes. As a matter of fact we have only done things to escalate violence and abuse; and to cause it all to go underground.

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Racial tensions in America on the rise

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!