Hating White Folk

The question is, Why do White Americans hate Black Americans?

Really this phrase applies to White Americans and Black Americans and one hating the other.

I want it to be known I do not hate anybody but I do hate their ways. By now, I even hate the evil ways of Black people trying to assimilate with White people.

How can we help them, yet refuse to help ourselves? We call crawling up their ladder the only way we know to help ourselves, which is further from the truth as ever. What kind of man is he who does not help his own before helping others? What kind of man  puts the families of others before his own?

Black people wasn't brought to America hating anybody, but for a reason to hate everybody, even though we hate nobody knowing White Americans hate Black Americans.

What kind of man falls to helping his enemy before helping himself?

You ask, then how do we reconcile these differences? You reconcile them by first  understanding this facts.

White Americans are firm believers in helping their own kind before helping anyone else and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish this feat, including taking the last dollar from their grandmother.

Further, well to do White folk really hate the work of people like mine and to appease to this favor, well to do Black folk hate the same. A Black policeman on a White police force will standby while the White policemen abuse his own people? Continue reading "Know better but won’t Do Better"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!