Heart and Soul

In 2017 my job description is going to change and I am hoping some of you will join me, but until then, here is wtf we must overcome...

Love, Business and Relationships

Sixty years into this life and I have yet to find what others claim to be and have. They say it is love, passion, applied to whatever it is you do and if you do this, it brings the same to you???

I do this and all I ever get is haters. I mean from the most distinguished people, our leaders, teachers, preachers, family members and friends;  and all I ever see is more bullshit.

Someone real stupid would ask, “Art, what is it you want to see” and I would respond with “any of that shit you say we are supposed to be”. Then, I would tell myself to look within because that is where it all starts for me.


Now, here is reality: You can look within all you want but sooner or later you must come out and encounter others who are totally consumed with the here and now. They are just as satisfied, just as happy helping to build a prison to incarcerate their own ass. All they see is this man is going to give me a few dollars, not caring the jail they build is for people like them.

Love, Business and Relationships and how we call ourselves separating the three?  We actually treat each with less respect than the lowest group of animals in the woods. We are divided into two distinct group those who do not give a damn and those who think they are the “white on chicken shit”. Those who do not give a damn have given in to those who think they are the white on chicken shit. Deliberately designed, if you do not have money there ain’t shit you can do.

Those who think they are the white on chicken shit are so self absorbed in believing their own bullshit and keeping everyone else under their feet.

The importance of all this bullshit, lies, building, construction, grand institutions, is that we are misleading and misinforming our children. We know the outcome but do not give a damn. We know we have no foundation for love and respect, so from where could we learn? It is not in the church, it is not in the school, it is not in the home, the business, the love about which we talk has not existed in America. I love you but I really do not know what love means. You are just saying because of what you heard others say and expect. We know our sources, tricking and stealing. We have come a long ways but have even a longer way to go. Talking about history repeating itself and nobody wanting to recognize, take to avoid the pitfalls we already know.

Heart and Soul, nobody wants to put their heart and soul into anything anymore and refuse to listen to our heart and soul because we prefer the illusion of inclusion.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!