History and America Moving Forward?

What does our future together really look like?

History, how can  you move forward without understanding and connecting with your history? How and when do you take credit, be responsible for the choices you made, right and wrong? How do you improve and upon what? When are you going to become an amazing human being?

Now, I know how my little short term history was here in America and it wasn't all about me. It was nothing like "they say" and today is proof.

My question always was: How am I fighting, with whom am I mad, is it a party, a people and their ways? Are they foreign or domestic? Why is my success always "over there"? Why can't I be successful with my people?

Does testing me prove your worth, then what about my testing you? What tests do I have you must pass to work and/or socialize with me? You see, that slavery shit still continues? What license do I have for you to play with my toys? You call me ... but what do you think I think of  you? I'm supposed to care, but what about you?

How in the sam hell do you describe your pass as caring? Well, what you're doing today is based upon your plan yesterday. 

Whether you were born or not, do you know your history? Why do we teach history in school? Why is it always from your books, when the work was actually done by someone else. I'm just talking about history, what I saw, what I experienced is what's really going on, my truth and I saw a many men being misled, misinformed, misguided, mistreated, murder, wrongfully convicted... Now, ask me what I saw that was good? Ask me if any of what you said, taught me was true.

A people of less character.

If we cannot make money off you, then what good are you? People who do not earn money or do not have a job are considered worthless/nonproductive to our society, in the eyesight of Americans. Is this how it should work?


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!