What if the Wealthiest Americans were nice?

They know everything but you don't know shit!!! is that big brother? Life locks live video.

As the international community condemns people like the Bush’s, their aberrant behavior continues unabated and I wonder: What if wealthy Americans were as nice as they would like us to think or believe, rather than being mean and inhumane? What would a Nice Giuliani have done differently today?

Not very much at all, I think. Why is it so hard to achieve wealth in the richest country in the world? This should give pause to anyone who believes wealthy behavior is aberrant—the product of a uniquely evil or crazy mind—and they’re leading Americans in a direction opposed to what they perceive to be their true interests.

It's all controlled by wealthy Americans and America is busy redefining herself in a direction to cause Americans and the international community to go “sleepwalking” into one catastrophic crisis after another.

Even if the fondest dreams of slumbering Americans had come true and we had nice wealthy leadership—hypothetically more friendly American leaders—we would still have gotten it wrong, while Americans suffer from serious social control issues. Americans will, one hopes, eventually change its leadership and thinking, but it is not going to change its geographic location, or its historic associations, or its longstanding wish to keep the East—which hasn’t always crossed the border bearing flowers—at bay. And that holds many lessons for the future.

Let me be clear: Wealthy Americans are not at all nice. Don’t even think they know how to be, yet they expect to be treated nice.

To take just a few examples: Americans can’t stop fighting over whose American, as they’re constantly fighting over whose taking advantage of the system; many wealthy Americans threatened to commit social suicide, especially since the election of a coloured President, now calling for more people of color; America has been seriously crippled by genocide, slavery, racism, discrimination, corruption; complete with homelessness, hunger, rape, torture and mass graves.

Wealthy Americans have blood on their hands, are good scam artists and her people are being repeatedly lied to, in a serious state of denial and if the world knew they would be outraged.

YOu don't need to be nice but you must be a person of your word.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!