How Big is Your World?

Is our world growing or is it shrinking? What happens if it continues to shrink as we continue growing?

Amazing how we Christians talk about God and oh, how He created a universe so massive humanity cannot comprehend its size.  Is this to help prove how big we think God is? We talk all about how good God is to us, when we act just the opposite. What kind of growth is this?

If I believe God to be so massive, then why is my world so small?

In my small world why am I pumped full of bullshit about people I don’t even know their names? Why do I study these strangers when I fail to get alone with my next door neighbor? Where is the practice what you preach?

How am I making my world a better place, when I don’t even know what belongs to me and the shit I think belongs to me, I exploit? As we fight for land and religion, we refuse to welcome the presence of our neighbors. Why do you think God would want you in other places with this kind of attitude?

Natural food, clothing, shelter,  health care wasn’t good enough, so we wasted all this time and effort creating our own, which is never good enough and we call this progress.

We don’t get along on no front and feel obliged to punish those we dislike, so what kind of world are we creating?

If to those given much, much is expected, then why are we constantly trying to do less? Why enslaving and tricking others to do our work? What do you do when you call yourself paying someone else to do your work?

For what has been entrusted to me, where is my sense of dedication, loyalty and responsibility? How can one do the work for two and everything be equal? If I could afford to pay you to do everything then whose going to do your work?

Why do we enslave ourselves for money? Nothing in this world cost before we came up with this self-defeating idea to get out of work while having someone else do what we refuse.

Now, we have the attitude money is our first priority, in a world where everything is provided. Does size have to do with thought or is it all about money? Is our world no bigger than the money we have?

As we plunder our people, land and resources we 're negligent in our duties and the world as we know it shrinks. We get less and less of everything until we perish at the will of our own disobedient hands.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!