How Do You Deal with a Cheating Husband?

What happens when you learn your Boo ain't being true to you?

Nobody wants to be cheated but how do you stop it? Remember when it was quite fashionable to beat your wife's ass even though our society says, "you should not hit a woman"? Nothing can be more disappointing than to learn your spouse is being unfaithful to you.

(((Do NOT Try This At Home)))

Revenge may make you feel like a hero but it only escalates matters. Though you've busted your partner should this be a punishment that all can use? Domestic abuse or violence does solve the problem! As you can see by our crime rate, it only makes matter worse.

Cheating is a systemic problem that starts at the top of our society. It's okay to kick another country's ass but not okay to kick your wife's ass? It's okay for police to kick your ass but not okay for you to kick police ass? It's okay for the government to spy on you but not okay for you to spy on the government and the shit just goes on until it reaches the family level? And at the family level we're as confused as hell, you just think you should take matters in your own hands.

We should protect ourselves, the biggest of which means we should definately protect ourselves from ourselves by avoiding trouble at all cost.

Now, you vandalised the family car, what next? You are now one broken hearted bitch walking around thinking it's okay and looking for the next motherfucker to vandalize, when you're no better than your cheating spouse.

We get married for the wrong reasons. Marriage is a legal term we've defined for our own selfish reasons. This legal term means nothing to what we're actually doing but it means everything to the picture we've painted about marriage - sex, power, money. Our original definition was closed to things like, interdenominational, interacial, same sex, open marriages, age ,,, it discriminated against everything good and wholesome accept your own selfish ass. Hence, today, our marriages have evolved into some form of control and power struggles.

How can you love another when you don't even know how to love yourself?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!