How Free Are You

You can think freedom is a state of mind and state of being until you learn your ass has been enslaved by your negligence. Just ask anyone who has been captured. So, how do they go about capturing you without you knowing?

We pride ourselves in being adults and free. From an early age the quest to become a mature adult (not having to get permission to do something harmless to others) can’t come fast enough. Our society makes the idea of becoming mature adult quite appealing. As mature adults we’re allowed to exist and operate within established boundaries. But for what exactly are we asking and what exactly are we receiving and is what receiving good for us?

If you want to better understand how free you are, just stop working “for the man”?

America and Americans used to be hardworking and free and this sense of adulthood is what was so highly sought. As time went on, today America we used to know has emerged into a tyranny. The problem here is thinking you’re free and refusing to acknowledge the fact of unknown forces are slowly but surely tightening their control and extending their power over every facet of your life, until it is too late.

Too late is passed the line of no return, where we must employ physical safety and security measures that could have been easily avoided by both parties. To notice how much of your freedoms have been taken away, measure what you were able to do against what you are now allowed to do. If it is considerably less then you know the direction in which our society is headed.

We working to be free, to have a brighter future. A brighter future means today we’re paving the road for tomorrow. Any other way, we’re destroying the world for tomorrow. We’re driving our own people into poverty

To see how free you are, how much freedom achieved, just stop working for the man. No utilities, no house, clothes, transportation, food, health care and these are all things in which any human being should be entitled because they were are already provided for every human being to survive. These are life giving entitlements which we all should be committed to protecting instead of abusing. But under the notion of making a profit, we subscribe to the idea of restricting access to people, land and resources, which creates an atmosphere conducive to crime.

Having rights to certain things minimizes the potential for violence and abuse.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!