you don's see the black do you, but it is tHere. You just don't get it.

Why do you act like you don't see me, you don't know me? Do you think Native Americans forgot? Do you feel they love and appreciate you for what you did?

Light comes from darkness, without why would you need light, why are you so afraid of darkness?

What's superior, all the superior/inferior stuff, but what is most dominant, why? Why should I listen to someone, anyone less character than me? What about mandatory education, why have you made yourselves the standard?

Then, why did you bring me here? Why would you bring someone who could not help you? There is another side to the one sided history you've been teaching and it has to do with "human rights history", "world history".

As sad as it is, America wouldn't be what she is today, without the blood, sweat and tears of me and my ancestors. It's not a matter of taking credit but a matter of you getting "all the milk and honey"; yet deny me. I have to again work for what you enjoy. You didn't earn shit, you used me to take and build, and now refuse to share. How many times, how much proof is needed to convey that you wrong them and continue to wrong me? Less character.

No more empty promises, you've done nothing but exploit and want to exploit me.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!