Improving the health of Black People

The general attitude??? Why is the health of Black people in a state of decline? Is it more in decline than any other race, why?

There is State of the Union, where the leader is charged with improving, but where is the leader charged with the improvement of health for black people? When there is a epidemic accredited to Black people, then Black people are faulted, quarantined, not qualified, separated, ostracized, ignored, deserved, avoided like a plaque, demolition, devastation. annihilation. carnage. elimination. eradication, extermination, extinction, loss, massacred, tricked... but when White people have something like an epidemic, something wrong as a group, it all hands on deck to resolve, including the hands of Black people.  We know the truth but choose to believe a lie? Okay, so it is okay for White people to be the exception to the rule but not for all others??? Well, they decide???

They say it is all about attitude? So what is the general attitude, the general consensus of White folk towards Black folk and the reverse? Is it good, bad, indifferent? What is the general attitude  of Black people towards Black people? Why do Black people accept White people but not the reverse and why do Black people go along with this mistreatment, just to get along? Well, if we were not mistreating each other then there would no cause to talk about all of this?

Black Leaders Interested In The Health of Black People? Why is the health of Black people in a serious state of decline and no one doing anything about it, including Black people? Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with improving health as much as it does about about social justice. What good is social justice when your health is poor/suffering?

If the health of Black people improved then the health of all others would improve. Are there any and/or are any interested in improving the health of any people, are Black people even interested in improving their own health?

Dr. Sebi says “no” and base this negative response upon his own personal and professional medical experience, which includes healing “people” from such diseases like “lupus, blindness, cancer, diabetes, sickle cell, herpes… What more noble case can be??? Even the first U.S. President could not accomplish this, yet he took credit for hunting down and killing notorious criminals, but to who? And who was and still is the greatest threat to him?

Further, any people who are considered black leaders are not interested in healing black people. That this is not an claim nor statement, but a reality. He says, they are not in a position to respond.

Not in a position to respond, what does this mean? Why did not Black leaders support the medical breakthroughs of a man like Dr. Sebi and if Black leaders are not interested in improving the health of Black people, what are they doing?

Why cannot Black people be helped? Even from the likes of people like U.S. President Barack Obama, Black people cannot be helped? Black leaders are always out running their mouths, mostly about all the success they have achieved in a White man’s world, when in reality; they are the very Uncle Toms’ and hypocrites they use to make themselves look good.

In particular, there is something about being Black and going against the grain. Going against the grain, are we speaking of fact and fiction, real or phony, truth or lie? Is it a fact, that just because of the color of your skin, you cannot be truthful? If you are Black and say it’s raining, someone is going to prove you wrong, no matter how truthful you may be? The same justice system, we say is blind, justice for all; is not this at all, and as a matter of fact is  a conspiracy against Black people or any other people they decide? That they are exempt from the consequences of inhumane treatment? Can a white person be socially and politically correct in mistreating anyone? Why do White people think they can get away with imposing their evil and hypocritical ways upon anyone they think they can take advantage of and expect the rest of the world to go along with this?

Does the need for more police indicate were making progress in policing ourselves, does it imply we are less prone to criminal behavior, does it indicate we're getting better, more safe and secure?

What makes them think we are more technologically advanced, why would anyone in his/her right mind relish in the thought of being “a number one world power”? Why would anyone relish in the thought of being better than any other human being? Why do you want to be free to exploit any situation and call yourself policing? Whatever happened to policing yourself?

Why do Black people admire this evil, wicked behavior imposed by Whites? Why do we feel we have no other choice, except to pretend he’s right, all is well and we’re making progress? How can you make progress by siding with evil? Do you think any of us will be forgiven for lying our way through? Above all get understanding, where is the understanding? Can a bad understanding make a good understanding? What about understanding but doing just the opposite? What about your job, not in a position to respond?

I do not want to know everything but why would I want you to believe I think it is raining, when I see you standing right there pissing on my head? Why is there a threat or punitive action for any Black man who makes a positive contribution to our society? Why must your parents warn you of such threats, yet we keep working like we really care? How can any people be pissed-off or submissive about something so insignificant as "skin color"? If we can resolve anything, why don't we resolve this simple but destructive attitude?

Black people must be more responsible in their own health. Black people must take more responsibility for our own healthy and wellbeing? Do you think by going along to get along is going to make us healthier, help our future...? Are we doing more to hurt/destroy/self-destruct than we are to leave this world better than when we first came in? So, what if we beat this man at his own game? Why play the fucking game, knowing either way, you are going to lose?

How could you ask the person who abused your rights, to now give you equal rights, so you can be equal to them??? Why would anyone ask, demand, march, fight for such a nonproductive cause? How could you expect someone, anyone to do for you what you are not willing to do for self?

If our own health is not our number one priority then what is? Sick Black people educating sick Black people, like people in the trap being allowed to run around like they are free, in order to lure others in the same trap, how is this progress? How can I be successful but you not and still call myself a decent human being? Well, if any one of us could be considered decent for not helping each other, why all the lies about "the need" for helping each other? How are we building stronger families and how can you help anyone else without first helping yourself?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!