The SPIRIT Just ain't the SAME!

 24th annual Indian Springs Native American Festival and PowWow

Is this the same land, people and resources, would Native Americans have done it this way?

It's amazes me how White Americans view themselves, no matter how bad they treat you, a band-aid will fix it and you're suppose to turn a blind eye. Their shit don't stank!

Is this how we earn dignity and respect? What does this kind  of  dignity and respect do for the SPIRITS? It was taboo yesterdAY, but today we're trying to restore it or is this just another way to profit, continuing to exploit people, land and resources? What is "better than nothing"?

Are you very interested in really what's going on?

Until I was enlightened BY DIAMOND GO-STI, of the Cherokee Tribe.

Simply put, "better living better life".

No property taxes, polluted resources, outlandish utilities, affordable housing.... 

The real question is how do we get back to the good old times and who knows the way?

(((your inner

Amazing Grace Native Americans - Your Inner Voice

Native American religion and spirituality - Your Inner Voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!