influence the world

Influence, have a positve impact on the world around you. Are you one of them?

Often as individuals we feel helpless and hopeless. I guess that is what you call a true individual, but as an individual, can you do anything? Individual and Indivduals? An individual who has nothing and individual who have too much, how do we bring them together?

So some kind of way "individuals" must learn to work as a group. Indivduals can change our nation. That is my thing to change for the better, our nation and our world, by inspiring individuals to positive action. Get off your ass and let us do something positive together, not profitable but prosperous. Not like the cheating share-cropping! People get greedy.

Everybody else has had a chance and screwed it up, now it is my turn to influence the world around me.

I need you?

Individuals influence the world, but only if they inspire and help others.


(((your inner

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