Introducing Your New found "mate" in and to your family!!!

Shopping around and doing your research and finally you think the "time" is right to introduce your new mate to your already established, adult stay at home children...

I really don't want to get hung up on this dating thing or gender thing, all the principles still apply, so here we go. For many reasons people finding themselves dating, meeting new friends later in life and the later in life you bring these new members into your family the least likely, all members are apt to "set horses". Show me your horse and I'll tell you who you are.

Meeting a new partner means introducing a new force, another energy into your family and you hope, think all will go smooth, but if you don't take measure to avoid obvious pitfalls you're more likely to encounter troubles easily avoided by properly introducing the new partner of you life into your life, with great results. Everyone wants to prosper but this doesn't come without smartWORK.

Shortly after your introduction, you must take time out to discuss new roles and responsibilities. It is inevitable when you add a new person in your life roles are going to change and you want that but at the same time you want to avoid unnecessary clashes, struggles, pain and suffering, while everyone remains themselves. Without, you leave too much room for unwanted pressure to build.

As I said, everyone wants to prosper, everyone wants to rock but the basics for structure, organization have to be clearly redefined for all involved parties to avoid stepping all over each other toes.  Do you know how many clashes start just over mowing the lawn? ONe thinks the other is being too picky and wanting to control or work the shit out of the other.

If we could better get along as a family then we can better get along as a community, a race and a people. Everyone could tolerate everyone because roles of clearly defined and no one feels slighted. Just like on your job or in your business. Everyone is wondering what the other is bringing to the table and what changes must occur to accommodate or complement each other. Should I say the "pecking order" is going to change.  Subtle changes occur in the introduction of adoption, new friends, community organizations, socials and those who are able to minimize disruption are the ones avoiding unnecessary clashes... so why  do we fail so miserably with these new relationships at home? 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!