Do YOU need to get better

It takes a while to get understanding but when you do, what do you dooooo? Do you see the need,,, they call you momma but what do they call me?

Most of us just don't care that much, we feel we can't control it,,,yet we gon tell everybody else how they can control theirs. If you can't see what I'm doing then what am I doing?

Is there a need? Why isn’t this need being fulfilled? Or will “that’ll do”?

The criteria has been established, but by who, for who? On what criteria do you operate in your home? If this criteria is right then any home can be a success just like any business. But if you do not operate your home like a business and your business like a home then how can you expect success? Do you call what you're doing "successful"? In other words, sleeping with doors locked, alarms systems... are steps backwards from sleeping with doors unlocked?

The last thing I want to come across as is another self-righteous person, based upon the perceived success is the last thing we need.

Titles and labels without meaning, what do they mean? It’s a sad day in hell when you know nothing about the people setting your standards. It is even a worse day in hell when you know but do not want to recognize. It doesn’t stop there, the situation is even direr when you know it is evil but feel helpless about the situation and that is where we are today. It’s a bad wind that never changes.

You see the need but refuse to address it. Most say, “that’ll do, it is what it is, as long as I get mine, go back to school, get a skill, go to church, get a wife…” but no matter how much of this we say and do, the situation only gets worse, why?

You think about from where we came and what we’re working to overcome; and if this hasn’t gotten any better, there’s a big problem and you’re working in vain. Who wants their work to be in vain?

We are some very pretentious people, we lie like hell and are not to be trusted but we act as if this is what we intended but yet we say we’re working for a change. We say we’re trusting yet know we’re not, yet working to better ourselves??? I ain't going to change and you ain't going to change so why do we talk all this change shit? How can you share with people who do not share and don't care? What kind of shit is this?

How can you better what you refuse to recognize? Where are the negotiations? It's all you got yours and I got mine, but "we" don't actually have shit, why?

Our women. This is not the only problem but where I choose to start. I know it all starts at home and home is where our women have the greatest influence. Men are also responsible but it is the woman to whom he listens. So, women, what are we going to do with our sorry ass men?

Ever seen somebody walking around the house and they're not responsible for doing shit, yet you out there telling everybody else what they ought to do, how responsible they ought to be?  My parents used to say the most negligent in this regard were preachers and teachers, is this true and why?

You bring all these different men into your homes, your families and he can't say shit. These men sit there basically hobbled and you call this respect and you expect him to be a man? What can you say to all these grown ass kids who contribute absolutely nothing you can see to the family? They want everything yet work for nothing, so for whom are they really responsible/working? Does having a "A" average in school attribute to having an "A" average in life? I think not and it is just the opposite. Our best and brightest go ignored for needs of our greedy. Do you think corporate America is caring? Well, if our best and brightest were doing what they're supposed to wouldn't we be able to depend on somebody? Wouldn't we be more neighborly and less judgemental?

Our women are so fucking misinformed, misguided they could care less about the basic “family structure”. All most of these bitches want is MONEY and there’s a good reason for this. Through all this domestic violence and abuse, do you ever ask yourself WHY? With women as the head of most households and one very close to becoming President, you might want to take this time to rethink things.

As I look at women in our justice system and how “none forgiving” their asses are, it gives me a better understanding why our family structure is the way it is and the plight of black men, even though this article is not about color but a state of mind and being.

How can you be happy with our justice system when crime is soaring out of control? How can you be happy with our system of justice when it is as racist as can be? How can you be silent when our justice system is killing our youth? How can you be happy when you feel like you are being targeted? They call you momma but what do they call me?

When you talk with people like President Obama they’re going to tell you how much better we are and they’re the reason for it. But when you look at the news, shit is just the opposite. “They” giving him so much hell he has not a clue to what’s really going on and how to affect it. The best he can do is to hang on to his own ass as we stand idly by.

It is my experience the best of our women are so focused on being the sole provider they cannot focus on fun, happiness, family,,, and they’re saying, “that’ll do”. Then, where does a man fit? What good is all “the bullshit” when you cannot be HAPPY together? Guess what, these same problems systemic in our homes are systemic in business dealings.

All these adult children living at home because they refuse to go out and make a living for themselves. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it. They are contributing nothing good to the household yet consuming more than their fair share. They are irresponsible, disrespectful, deceitful…what my parents would describe as “some sorry asses”. What animal raises its young to stay at home?  If they contribute nothing to the household what are they contributing to society? What are you contributing?

These are able bodied human beings 18 – 50 years of age, can’t stand on their own two feet and don’t do shit. A young man stay in a small room all day, what's the difference in that than  jail? If you don't see shit they're doing, then what are they doing? Shouldn’t an adult in this age category staying at home, for free, be bringing something to the table, other than a good appetite? And you wonder why black men are angry?

Adult children? What are adult children? All this fucking education but what do we get in return? It's not that we're not improving but how? Then, you must ask, as a responsible adult, is it worth it? Is it worth it for me to share this information with you or do you say I don't know about what I''m talking? What are you going to do?

Our elders? I elders have and continue to lead us straight to hell.

Who the hell is "Mr."

To be

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!