Invisible People

Who really are these invisible people, are they friend or foe? Are they the dictators or the ones being dictated to?

To those who can’t make ends meet. Giving me is no way to live. What’s your future like? Shelter, money and food or Guns, God and Gold?

Oh how we boast about being so affluent, all knowing, democratic and loving to humanity.

Making everyone known, the homeless, the handicapped, battered children and women, seniors, veterans, the incarcerated… What's the difference between these people and anybody else?

Are these the majority of people or the minority? For what these people do for us during our time of need, what do we do for them during theirs? Hatred and those who do not know the difference makes these people invisible to the main population.

Is it because there’s not enough to go around or is it we just refuse to share? My thoughts are to make the invisible visible, articulating exactly what is the truth. For this, I am never more hated.

Do you know how much money we spend just on advertising, to sell unsolicited products and services to those who don’t need?  How much time and effort we put forth demonstrating how important these substandard products and services will add to your less than desirable lifestyle? And until now, none of this has made mention of the very overt horror stories we’ve create due to racism and sex.

Our society, our environment is so misinformed, misguided and confused, hence; a very hostile and unstable environment. Those of us who think we’ve escaped the horrors of our society have distorted vision, coming across as being tolerant of this gross neglect, violence and abuse. To get a job you have to have a place to live and to have a place to live you have to have a job, how is that and what does any of that have to do with character? Our attitude is: “If it happens to you it happens to you” and these problems do not exist at an alarming rate. As a matter of fact, what’s happening in our society is a contradiction to the idea of being in a society. What happened to “there is safety and security in numbers”?  

The only thing our society of 2013 is really concerned about is MONEY, of which most do not have. We teach that money makes a good life possible when in actuality Money limits human possibilities. What good does it do for you to think you’re rising when in actuality, our quality of life is falling? How does that make you look, are you better than the rest of us? Are you willing to share, yet you expect to be shared with?

If every person can have a car, driver’s license and insurance, why can’t every person have a home? Are these personal choices or are these the only choices offered in that priority?

Are the invisible people the ones we see, yet doing invisible things or the ones we don't see, yet doing visible things? These are the results of the choices we make.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!