Is money your God

When everything around you is about money, it's hard...

It's a big problem when you don't have it and an even bigger problem when you do have it- money that is. Then, just why do people want money?

When all around you is about money and you're born into a money oriented society you don't know the difference. All you know is everybody is trying to get what seems to be worthless material stuff and they've made this effort a number one priority, just as we've done with our JOBs.

Snakes come in all colors shapes and forms hiding in places  you least expect and this is indicative of what we've done with money. In our desperate efforts we've made money a snake, when the snake is actually us.

Does this make you feel more spiritual, like the more of this you have the better you are?

 Depression, stressed out: If you can't sleep or rest because you're worried about your financial problems then you already know.

If your job is your number one priority? Now, this one is really cleverly disguised and tricky. BEcause there's your job according to life and there's your job according to man and man has made his priorities greater than God's. If your job is primarily concerned about profits over quality then you already know. Anything you do for God has nothing to do with money.

(((your inner

Power without money - Your Inner Voice

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Money - Your Inner Voice

don't need YOUR MONEY - Your Inner Voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!