A Jealous Personality

What are the repercussions and why do you keep getting undesired results?

Can you keep a secret? The mind and the emotions

How about you’re the Man of the house, the First Lady…? Why are you by yourself? I got family, but do you really?

People, especially Blacks have a relatively higher chance of not getting along. The mortality rate for African American children is higher than ever before. All of which and more are attributed to depression and neglect, now why the depression? We've created a false sense of happiness, “you do it your way and I’ll do it mine” – drama and no together working.

Even though we say those words, the dominant personality is Protective and Possessive of their mates and our mates are Protective and TERRITORIAL of the person with the dominant personality. We tend to confuse that with respect. A jealous person left unchecked is “a ticking time bomb”, waiting to explode. When the bomb drops the resulting emotions makes it harder to correct what already happened and forgiveness is all but impossible. We say a lot of shit, but when it comes right down to it…? People must want to do. 

When the dominant personality is perceived as being too sociable with a third party, the mate feels some sense of anxiety and jealousy due to the perception that their partner wants/needs something from this other party that they cannot give. They feel threatened they’re about to lose something. Now, is that "Ridiculous!" or what?

Insecurities/inhibitions kick in; making you feel inadequate, less than and jealous because you know what your partner wants and needs. You not only feel jealous, but hurt, pain and used. Sigh....the mind and emotions are very mysterious when they conflict! Common sense and dedication are nowhere to be found, all over nothing.

The WORSE ways to handle adversity and conflict are to keep them from escalating in the first place and all parties should be willing to work towards this end.

Can you keep a secret? There are a couple of things you definitely must not do or say under any circumstances. Responses like "Because I said so"....! Remember when you were told "Because I said so!"?  Did it make sense to you then and after a few times of hearing that you became resentful – “who the fuck are you” - negligence? Phrases like these do not make any sense and demonstrate automatic dismissal and a lack of respect of person. https://www.your-inner-voice.com/Looking-out-for-Each-Other.html  Each person must be treated with the greatest of respect, at all times. 

Phrases like, “Get over It”, also adds fuel to the fire. You never deal with what’s truly going on in your relationship and that is because of how we’re brought up –intimidation and a quick means to avoid dealing with... We still have all the innate human emotions that make us all human beings… your children, grand children, family, friends and love ones. Phrases like these create breeding grounds for hostilities to build and fester.

ANGER is also included in these emotions, past and present. So now you have a jealous, guilt ridden, feeling threatened and pissed off partner. Depression/Stress becomes the motivating factor and pain, harm and/or murder is staring you in the face? Blame, both parties blame everybody but themselves. Communications shuts down and they realize neither party couldn't be satisfied with the other because one person is looking elsewhere for what the other could not provide. Why would you expect one person to provide everything you need? What happened to compromise and complimenting? I love you too. 

Is this mental and emotional mess worth all this shit, when it all could have been avoided with good communications? To be great, All that’s required is to be able to serve each other.

The only way to overcome or avoid any negative is with positive.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!