Looking out for Each Other

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Is that important or not, why? Where does it tell us we must do that.

"Look out": To be watchful or careful; take care: If you don't look out, you may repeat the same old mistakes; especially in a given direction or on a given object, as to have an appearance of conformity with one another.

In today's world that sounds kind of nosey, but without it what do we have? Why do we need a neighborhood watch? IF we looked out for each other that wouldn't be needed. Why do we have all this security alarm junk, if we looked out for each other there would be no need.

The opposite of looking out for each other is "turning on one another". Not one of us can be trusted and that is a sad state of affairs. An alarm or lock is not more secure than the person with the key; and if they can't be trusted, what good is your lock. Remember when we used to leave doors unlocked, it's a new day today and unfortunately things have gotten much much worse.

Why do we have families, marriages, contracts, communities, towns, cities, states, what’s the reason for being the United States, if we’re not truly united? Before integration, segregation… we were communities. That’s why we did all that integration, segregation bullshit, because the United States wanted all people to be treated equally. Now, what’s wrong with that picture?

There's a good way to do that and a bad, why did we choose the bad?

Since all of those good, well meaning intentions, we’ve caught nothing but hell and lied about it all – equal opportunity employer and now we have no jobs, well unless you are an recent immigrant. I write this because I do not believe you do not see a need for change, before it’s too late. You need a job application and must meet all criteria, but what does an immigrant worker need? You need to qualify for government programs, but what does an immigrant need? Why are our jobs leaving, while the rate of immigrant workers grow at an alarming rate?

Will electing the best politician do this for us? NO, that’s what created the problem. We, the people transferred our power from self to a politician, which has brought nothing but disappointment.

Why are we such an unbalanced people? One one hand we do things to cause ourselves to work together, but on the other we are no respecter of person or property. It all works out to where we're selfish as hell.

What does that mean to you? What will happen in the very near future? Will you/we be prepared? I write this because the only way change will take place, if we do it ourselves and it all starts with you – individually and collectively. In all our years, we’ve always looked out for each other. Now, that same commitment is so divided, we actually work against one another. Where is the commitment to you and to this country?

After integration, segregation, why did we stop looking out for each other? Is that they do not want this or we live by two different set of laws, rules, regulations and policies?

We all need a little help. The only way to survive is by implementing programs to encourage us to rely on one another- work together, in harmony, for our own good. Responsible, accountable, I’m working hard, but can't do this alone – I need your help, just as well as you mine, different but complementary

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