Krampus for Christmas???

Ringing out warning naughty people Krampus is coming!

There are multiple faces of Krampus bringing about holiday horror and ridding the world of evil. If Krampus is ridding the world of evil, punishing all the evil people, what is Santa doing?

Every hero needs a villain and every villain needs a hero. Have you ever wondered what's going on with Santa/St. Nick? How does he make this annual journey unopposed? Who does all the hard work? Who clears the way for Santa? How does Santa avoid all the evil things we have in store, only if we could ever catch up to him? What is Santa's weapon of mass destruction that keeps us all in line? 

The other face of Santa - Krampus!

So, where is this Krampus and why is he gaining so much popularity in America? There's a Krampus movie in US theaters December 4, 2015? Don't you think Santa has gotten tired of bringing abundance of gifts to a people only concerned about profits?

We continue to raise awareness to the concept of Santa for Christmas Shopping while playing down the notion of any kind of force rendering consequences for our evil ways. 

I was in Austria during a New Year and on this one special night I could hear sounds of what sounded like a cow bell in the distance. I inquired and the Krampus story was explained, but the language barrier and being so far-fetched, I paid little attention. My thoughts were I won't let anything deter me from a good time. Is that our Christmas attitude today? However, after actually seeing this beast, I couldn’t believe someone would dress like this and roam the streets scaring the hell out of not only kids, but unsuspecting visitors like me, lol.

Especially, in America, Santa has long been the symbol of Christmas, bringing joy and presents to all. We do not know of any being actually roaming the streets to punish people for being bad at Christmas. But in Germany, Austria, and other parts of the Alps region, there is something much darker, mischievous, and lurking in the shadows of Christmas. That something is Krampus, the Christmas devil.

A classic devil with horns, cloven hooves and monstrous tongue, but can also be spotted as a sinister gentleman dressed in black, or a hairy man-beast. Krampus punishes naughty children, swatting them with switches and rusty chains before dragging them, in baskets, to a fiery place below. Krampus clears the way for Santa!

The hairy beast is the one who got me.

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St. Nicolaus - Art Thomas

"The Most Depressing Time of Year"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!