Law, Order and The Lord

To the "Pleasures" of life, love and Happiness.

Why are you so sad, then why is the situation so bleak? What are you going to do with all that money, all that "saving yourself"?

To the Pleasures of life and nature, who will be the frist? Are you afraid of your own damn self, in exchange for Law and Order? Why can I only have a little piece of what I need? Why I can't be myself? Let's look at Law and Order.

And there is YOU! Now, “where is the Order”? They say, “The law requires you to pay”, but what they fail to tell you is what The Lord requires of YOU he has already given, if you have sense enough to use it.

Why do women want to dress sexy, why do men embrace them, no matter what discipline you’re in? Why do we share this sexy feeling with the rest of the world? Why do we go to the point of boasting to them about our freedoms, when we are not free enough to embrace them? Do we even have our relationships under control or are we fooling ourselves? Why are we so confused and unwilling to agree to disagree?

yOu must get outside yourself, in order to see some things, to learn/realize exactly what it is that you are deserving and the way to go about achieving it. The goal is to bring about peace and harmony, love and respect, can there be anything better? The question is::: What’s hindering you, What’s between you and it?

We never know, but we’re always at the mercy of those who understand. Are you above the law? Why are you the brunt, the target of all the corrupt going on? Why is it corruption to you, but pleasure to them? How can they create all these beautiful places, things, programs… to educate you, but you can’t create a damn thing to educate them? How can they feel justified in selling you an over-priced vehicle, with all that unnecessary bullshit and then make it illegal for you to use it?

Everybody else can do this shit, but all I ever get from you is a long dissertation. Where is the evidence thereof? How do they pit you against the man paying $10K for a set of tires and wheels, when you’re doing the same to ride in a Mercedes benz? Where is the order?

Why does Law and Order bring so disorder? Why can’t you fulfill your fantasies? Why is everything you want to do, illegal, immoral, unethical, when everything they do is above the law and out of order? From where do you get your Law and Order? Where is your freedom to be yourself? How can an East Indian come to your home and experience the freedoms denied to you? How can they dictate what “you” are supposed to educate? You already know, Who’s fucking who?

Law and Order we are experiencing here hobbles you from experiencing the God within and therefore keeps you subservient to laws meant to deny you Order, hence our lives are filled with chaos and confusion. Then we further deceive ourselves because those who make the laws have allowed a few of us to be above the very same laws meant to destroy us. Will they be truthful or are they being paid to STFU?

Which, what laws are in your favor? Which treaties, laws, rules and/or policies did “they” ever keep? Why they feel they can do it while feel you can’t? Are you above the law? Why is it okay for them to create a “free for all” but you must pay to attend the free for all? What else are they doing at the top? Do they believe you can see?

Why would any man, in sound mind and body pay millions of dollars to run such a brothel, while at the bottom, it is all taboo? So what is your incentive to move to the TOP – Pimps, Hustlers and Whores. But they want the bottom to think otherwise and the bottom is making themselves even more miserable neglecting their own law and order, in exchange for a law and order that denies them all the rightful pleasures of life and nature - The Lord. Does the Bible tell you to cheat, then why do you give meaning to that word? Why are you killing your families, your relationships over this single word? Who the fuck told you about cheating? Why, when they have cheated all their lives? Is that cheating? When will you stop cheating you and yourselves?

Am I too busy trying to be something I am not? Remember, I'm hear with you, saying what you're denying.

(((your inner

Obedient Being Human

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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