Leading The Way

There's a leader in all of us but how do you get to it?

When you’re cut short, the world is cut short, you can't live your own lifestyle or be yourself.

Each one of us is born with a talent which allows us to make an important contribution to our society. However, this talent is too often snuffed out due to selfish reasons.

Many today are unaware of this war they face on a daily basis—but the first step to conquering your enemy is realizing his tactics. We stuck in the consumer rat race, can't get off the treadmill and want to treat everybody the same, we want to snuff out, refuse to deal with individual differences and use them to our own good, ignoring the good of the whole.

When this becomes acceptable, people are reduced to nothing more than evil slaves with no good purpose or peace in life. We losing our most valued resource - time and your time is no longer yours. Eating habits are bad leading to bad health. Our purpose has evolved into nothing more than serving the evil good of your masters - scammed. You become the TV and they have the remote. Your contributions are cut short because they're only made when they turn you own. The perpetrators are the only ones benefiting, which is detrimental you and our society. The next step is avoiding them.

How do you know his tactics are “directed against you”? The first question I ask myself is “how do you know when a love one is treating you wrong and the answer is: “It does not feel good”. Especially money,  no matter how much more you earn, you can never get enough. You are disappointed, left with feelings of anger, confusion, chaos, pain, betrayed, stressed, robbed, tricked, hopelessness, homelessness, tired, debt, always bad news… drained, exhausted of all your good energy you feel depressed as hell, while your enemy walks around boasting. We're no longer comforted with thoughts of good neighbors but feel threatened they're our enemies. You feel vulnerable and need a gun or bigger weapon for your own safety and security. We're lonely and substitutes become addictions. We see animals deserving more compassion than humans. Everybody else has your solution, but for an outlandish price. We're overwhelmed and misled with unsolicited offers. We get caught up in the excitement and fall victim to peer pressure. Then it is nearly impossible to voice your feelings and stop what is going on. 

Your enemy is the one who’s not afraid to betray you by using your Strengths and Weaknesses against you, to manipulate you into doing what benefits him most. You work to have more quality time but get less. This is also referred to as bullying, terrorism…!  The problem is escalated when it all comes against your will, which is often too late. Bitter, consumed with trying to be something your aren't, you don't want to share, racism, crime rates soar, you’re not able to benefit and the world is cut short. When people suffer, families suffer, then towns, states...

Many will tell you being mistreated to a certain degree is acceptable, that bad medicine is good for you, but who wants to be betrayed, even a little bit? The whole idea in life is to be most effective and efficient and the only way to achieve this is to get the maximum amount of production out of each person; not just for one person or a mighty few, but for All people. This is called Leading the way by encouraging personal responsibility.

There’s no cookie-cutter answers for Leading The Way, it's hard to break away, and a lot of faith is involved. The only clear-cut answer is being prepared, constantly communicating with your body and responding to your own instincts. You will know because something in your body’s communication process tells you what is good and evil for YOU.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!