Let The Killing Begin

Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, United States, Georgia, Milledgeville, People, Animals...Who do we blame?

You think about health and all we claim to do to live a better quality of life, on this earth but how?

You've got Blacks killing Blacks, Whites killing Whites, whose left? As I watch signs littering our highways sounding the number of traffic related fatalities, now add in other accidental deaths, the number of deaths, on a daily basis is alarming and all they ever say is, drive safely.

Then, you count the number of criminal related deaths, that with the number of natural deaths and all we do is want to do is "defeat more people". What's the use in saving them, when all we're going to do is "defeat them"?

We plot to killing like that is what God wants us to do? Should we attempt to defeat anyone in violation of our policies? What about when we're in violation of our policies? There wouldn't be a white man left standing.

Why are we so trigger happy? Why don't we have a more mature policy on gun control..?   Why are guns one of our most popular tools for manipulating people?  Would you want to be treated that way? People are dropping like flies everyday and all we want is more killing?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!