Let's Do

when was the last time you heard those words and do they result in "ONly you" doing

Especially popular with married couples is how they talk about their spouse. The mentality of going from being the greatest thing since sliced bread to “honey do”. Is that what spouses are for? Is that what the art of living is all about?

My point is how do you do things together without doing them together?  Does the majority win, is it democratic...law and order? How dedicated and loyal are we really? Are they even important enough to think about? Ever done anything and got the feeling you bit off more than you could chew? Ever been at a point where things just started spiralling out of control?

Why are there so many broken relationships? Is it because the spirit of “let’s do” turns into the spirit of “only you do”?

This question is most important as we strive for independence in dependent relationships and independence in a dependent society? What’s the use in coming together when you have nothing to bring to the table? What’s the trade off? What does a white man want from a black man? How does a country call its self independent when its people are dependent upon one another? How do you go to church on Sunday depending on the Lord and Monday through Saturday dependent upon your job, what’s difference and why? How can you be Willie Lynch Monday through Saturday and a saint on Sunday? How can I be independent when all I get depends on you? How can my credit score be good in a country with a bad credit score? How can I be so patriotic in a country not patriotic at all? How can I be so loving and caring, in a country not loving and caring at all? Does anyone really give-a-damn whether my needs are met or not?

If I do not have sense enough to take what I want, will anyone ever care? How does that resonate with your children, if they don’t take what they want, how else do they get it? How do you teach taking?

Any time you and your family is not in the spirit of “let’s do”, then you already know. How can you be in the spirit of let’s do when you never do anything together? How do you cross train when you have your job and I mine? Where is the overlap? How do you win just working for a dollar?

In romance, how does the spirit of “let’s do work”? In work, how does the spirit of Let’s do work? Does your play prepare you for your work? How do you properly address your strengths and weaknesses without the spirit of Let’s do? Let’s do more good things together. Let's build good things together.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!