Improving The Libido

What does a natural man say?

Lots of talk about Libido today and improving it. Is it an interesting/important topic or not?

My questions are: How does anybody know or think my libido needs improving? Why would a person want to improve their libido? Are there new women coming or what? Are enhancement drugs more healthy than harmful, are they really helpful aphrodisiacs? How do they get approved over drugs like marijuana? Is it all in the mind?

Libido is a very confusing subject because everywhere I go everybody's playing head games with my libido, so I think they're doing the same to themselves.

What color is the libido and does it really matter, why? Why do people think black people are more sexy and why do many portray that as negative?

Why do girls frown on discussing libido? Why is it so often considered vulgar, inappropriate...? Why does it have to be their way and how would a second class citizens Know?

Where women actually treated as second class citizens and by whom?

Is it because black people are just naturally sexy and their libido doesn't need improving? Is that the secret? Well, if you want to improve your libido, why don't you ask somebody whose libido doesn't need improving, somebody with a higher libido?

How credible is an answer from someone who perceives their libido needs improving?

To Improve Libido:

You must not fear, be open and intelligent to this discussion. Think about why we ever needed sex education?

Elevate the mind, be knowledgeable of yourself, feel good about the good, bad and ugly, be honest.

Stop telling people you aren't, when you are.

Stop lying, slipping, sliding, putting all these lies on God and you'll look a lot better too.

How can you know everything when all you did was read and discuss? Be knowledgeable and open to good, healthy discussion. There's nothing more erotic than a good, high energy conversation.

It all has to be natural, the more natural, the better.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!