Good Tips to survive being pulled over by American Police

Police are hired and sworn, by the people, to protect and serve that people; so why is it working just the opposite?

Who would have ever thought the American justice system would come to police turning on the same citizens their sworn to protect and serve. What used to be mischief is now cause for war.

Instead of communities, highways and by-ways becoming saver they're fast becoming killing or war zones. However, due to recent fatalities at the hand of police, in the apprehension of American Citizens for minor offenses,  the American public is experiencing a heighten sense of fear. They must learn all over again how to act when stopped by local police.

There was a time when Americans felt saver and could depend on local police departments to help bring about law and order, IAW the law, where there was chaos and confusion. But for unknown reasons, it's working just the opposite. The peaceful gap between police and their citizens is widening  and  police are blaming and taking their frustrations out on the very citizens hiring them. 

Defenders of the law are now its greatest threat and the general  population must take additional measures to protect themselves from out of control cops. 

Cops are hired to defend against crime but with all the special training, high tech tactical equipment and money spent, it seems the more of that we do, the worse cops perform.

Deadly force seems to be the primary weapon of choice when an officer of the law feels threatened. As a result, minor offenses are being punished by death, at the hands of a "trigger happy or excessive force police officer".

Because they involve police officers, in most cases, the justice system decides the language for these types of incidents, hence they are not reported as crimes committed by cops, but blame the citizen for pissing off the police.

Either way, police are not capable of thinking of peacefully resolution in the conduct of these incidents, which has led to excessive police brutality.

Know violence and abuse by police officers are not your fault, but indicator to a much deeper problem, therefore you must act like you fear for your life in order to survive an encounter with our police.

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    The best info is the info we share!

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    The best info is the info we share!