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It's better than breakfast. There's something on my mind about people who keep you in the dark. How do you or would you like being kept in the dark? You'd need a light worker wouldn't you, would you? What about an incompetent doctor, would you want one, what would you do after learning this doctor was screwing little kids?

Some people want to keep you in the dark and there are some people who want to keep you in the light, which are you?

How is your love? Can you talk about your fetish, do you have one, are you that ashamed? You know how some people can make life more simple or more complicated, some can clearly explain for themselves to themselves and there are others who just don’t give  shit. They wouldn't tell you they had HIV, you wouldn't know until too late. These kind of people are only thinking of themselves and how it feels ONLY TO THEM, but does it have to be that way? They are only about themselves, they’re selfish, greedy, I don’t  need to tell you there are far more of them than us.

Then, there are those of us who really want to make a beautiful difference. We want to share OUR EXPERIENCES so others can make better, more informed and guided decisions. .... Is our situation more critical than they would like to admit? What is "my business" and when is my business not your business?

We don't want to manipulate, control, dictate, be hypocritical and because of that we're able to overcome our insecurities and wanting to see things change for the better.

We just ain’t caught up in the bullshit and don't want to be caught up trickery. Really, is any of this shit we’re doing today important? Well, if it is so important why didn’t we take care of it “yesterday”? When are we going some damn where and "sit our stupid asses down"? We always got some shit going on, drama, more, more and more? Let human beings be human beings and we wouldn't have no fucking "homeless". It is just that fucking simple. Why create such a thing as "inflation" or were we born with it?

Do you really value the number of people murdered daily, not because of disease or sickness, but just over one simple as thing:::::::MONEY? Our next biggest killer is "spouse" and it's all over domestic violence and abuse? Who are we and what is our purpose here?

Just wouldn’t be all these fucking problems if we weren’t so selfish, greedy,,, is it that ingrained?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!