Pleasure Squad

If Kim Jong Un and his father admits a need for one, then why not America?

Do you learn anything from others or do you just want others to learn from you?

As America is plagued by one scandal and the next, whose having all the fun in America, is it major cities, small towns, government, military, schools, churches... or are these places just producing more confusion and chaos?

Americans don't tolerate that kind of stuff do we? But, of all the shit we do, yet deny? Why is it so noteworthy North Korea is recruiting one? Why wouldn't every person want one? As we want more guns, gold, why not more pleasure? Do you get pleasure from guns and gold?

Wouldn't a pleasure squad be much better than domestic violence and abuse? One of the most repressive and secretive nation’s on earth, who are the others?

a “pleasure squad” of young women - a family tradition from the days of North Korea’s founding ruler Kim Il-sung, now, include women.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!