Lighting Yourself on Fire, how do you safely do that, why?

Is there ever a need to light yourself on fire

Desperate times, drastic measures? Have you ever felt so pressured for fame and fortune or elevating of your mind? As we strive for success can the pressure be so great, one feels compelled to light himself on fire?

KOOL man, blue flames!

What they do, I do better!

White flames are even cooler!

I do it all the time and it just makes me better!

fuck that!!! nOw, try this one???

The latest fire storm for people wanting to bring immediate attention to their cause is to let themselves on fire. This idea has been polarized by our kids in the "fire challenge" and depolarized by our adults in their attempts govern or bring attention to their cause, by bringing attention to self?

Be it to safely or to inflict injury, what’s the point behind lighting yourself on fire to make your point more relevant? Is the pain, injuries, humiliation and death worth it? The idea of our kids committing this very dangerous act, calling it cool and safe is very disappointing, so what does this say about our adults?

Is this what our leaders are doing in order to prove they have a deeper feeling about their cause than their opponents? You do this today and then what for tomorrow? Is this like suicide, self-defeating or what? Is this the future of a society?

Is this what the fire challenge is all about? Are we practicing for tomorrow?  Lighting yourself on fire is a very risky endeavor, if you will stoop to such behavior to get your way, what will you not do?

What's wrong with waking up in the morning going to help someone? Only you can prevent...

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!