Dressing in Drag for Success!

What's up with all these "macho and not so macho men" coming out of the closet?

It's like we've done something good. You would expect men and especially of this caliber to come out the closet with something good, productive, worthwhile... but these men are coming out about who they're screwing, as if nobody knew and knowing is going to make it all better. It ain't what you do as much as it is how.

And these men are all in very influential leadership positions, otherwise who would give-a-shit? So, why are our top leaders hiding this in the first place? Now, we know you're not only a cheater, but also a big liar?

Is sex all in the head?

The latest buzz has been, men, especially men of color being coerced, encouraged to dress in drag, if they want to speed their success. Have you heard this: If a black American “male” want success, then he must put on a dress?

So, what about all this other shit we've been teaching, being a God fearing, hardworking, honest... man? 

This all sounds rather harmless, but I've been taught it is very humiliating for a man to wear a dress, play with dolls or other girly things.

I did not know such a act was being pushed, in order to get paid, until a good friend, with whom, I was talking told me, if I really wanted to be successful, put on a dress. He mentioned several names of people achieving great success after dawning a dress, so this accusation is believed by more than me.

What do you think? Should you teach your son this? To what end does this lead? Why is it a problem if you don't want to wear a dress? Whatever happened to being yourself? Things.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!