Lil Black Sambo's Revenge

Lil Black Sambo, what happened to him, was he offensive and to what people...

So you think saying you’re sorry makes everything ok? I'm just realizing what white lies mean.

Is it a joke or is it for real? I got your Little Black Sambo for you. Don’t mind the photo, unlike yours, this is all about content and character.

Can you read or do you just look at the pictures? Do you judge just by pictures or can you read what’s  really behind the scene?

Lil Black Sambo is a fictional character created in India and there it was all good. However, somehow the likes of Lil Black Sambo was used by white Americans to joke about Black Americans. This joke became so racially motivated, mean, cruel and offensive to African-Americans and the human race it spread to the 4 corners of the world and the story of Lil Black Sambo was banned from American public institutions. That right there tells who the culprit was.

The body is beautiful and remember those body parts you hate,  you love me and you hate me? The thing you hate and your women love, is this the main reason for racial disharmony in America? Of all the whites offended, how did  you get black people to be offended about them selves? It's all about balance.

The new American version of "Little Black Sambo"... Lil Black Sambo was never little. How does the new American version of Little Black Sambo make you feel? Why is it offensive, is it because it's real? Is my body just as beautiful as yours, what happens when I go to the doctor?

This is what started it all, the thing you hate. What I do always offends you but what you do is not suppose to offend me. What about the things you do that offend me?

Do you know how some people can do mean and cruel things to other human beings and get away it, but if you do the same thing back, you’re severely punished. Remember me saying, some people will cut out the lights and complain about it being dark, well, this is a perfect example of those people?

Today, Lil Black Sambo rises again, is strikingly different and real, and is taking revenge for all that low down and dirty shit done to him and other innocent human beings, in the name of Lil Black Sambo.

I read one article where it said," if a nigger can't kill it or eat it, he's going to fuck it". That brings up sex, what about the white female and sexist pigs? What's the difference between the two? Do you know "how long" white American females have faithfully supported their male counterpart and never getting blood on their hands?

How do you reproduce more white racist babies? Leave the Black man out. Who dictates to white women with whom to get between the sheets? They say it okay for every other man, except a black man. Why is that?

If a white woman chooses a black man and especially an old school black man with whom to have sex, everybody knows she's going to get her brains fucked out.  Is that true or false?

Remember how they talked about black men having tails, well, here’s that tale.

(((your inner

Homelessness Illegal

American women and European women

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!