Living One Life While Showing Another

HOw devastating is it to portray living one life when you are actually living another?

How many of us are guilty? How many of us are guilty and don't know it? Why do we have these double lives? Why are we one way at work and another at home? Why one way at church and another at home and the story just goes on and on.

We're actually taught to portray living one life when we're actually living another. We go for job interviews dressed to impress, but while at home what good does this do? School one way and home another, why can't we get all these activities on one accord? Then, what good is the education process when no one can adhere to it? Is it a choice and is failure the only option when we fail to make the right choice?

Now, somebody is going to say, we're all different and all this chaos is natural, then why talk about character? We're so entangled, trying to meet the false expectations of society, we're can't be ourselves and don't know ourselves. We're constantly play acting mostly for a dollar. We' ve convinced ourselves "we've arrived" but in reality we're nothing less than a chameleon.

Does President Barack Obama live in a shell? What about homosexuals, heterosexuals and bi-sexuals? How young is too young? How Christian is too Christian? Are you a Christian based up on convenience? Who are you trying to impress?

What do we expect in a mate, a neighbor, a community...? Are we clean, efficient, organized and productive little citizens or do we have too many issues?

Living the life you don’t want to show the world makes you are as low-down as can be.

 (((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!