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Lost in time or just as I thought I had it going on… Is customer service any different from receiving guests in your home? How do you best receive visitors in your home or business? Do you make them feel a part of the atmosphere or do you invite them in the stupidity going on? What is there to hide and why would your personal side be any different from your professional side?

There are all kinds of positive sayings, like the glass half ful..l, but when you actually look at what’s going on around us, one must one wonder why are they the only one?

Ever take your little positive attitude somewhere that’s depressing as hell and you ain’t got to go far to experience this? Happy conversations are going on, until you arrive. Then, everyone gets quiet, like they don’t want you to know what they’re doing.

I’m reminded of trips to the country during the early seventies. Upon our arrival, children would run and hide. They acted as if you didn’t see them and if seeing them was embarrassing.  It’s business as usual until a newcomer arrives.  Why are we strangers to each other?

All of this has nothing to do with what you’re looking for, but with the attitude received. All of a sudden the environment turns official like you are the enemy to fellow human beings and wouldn’t understand.

Today, introduce the fact of color and sadly but true, things are still the same. Today, I want to address the ghettos, poverty stricken, drug invested, communities spread throughout America. The problem in these communities is all signs of creativity have been removed. Whatever good going on there is intentionally ignored.

Afrikans are some of the most creative people in the world. So why not in America? Long before Europeans arrived Afrikans introduced many things to help bring about peace and harmony to the indigenous people of this land. Today, we call this civilization. So, what has happened to that same sense of creativity in Afrikan Americans today? Why has the script been flipped and how does a defunct system last so long?

A people stripped of their dignity and ruled by a people ruled by  perverse incentives:  

Nothing you do is ever good enough, but everything they do is great. You've been preached that for so long, you're ashamed of yourself, allow their perverse mentality to consume you and now, you can't live without them; and above all that we're in a serious state of denial. 

Didn't Afrikans live more healthy and happy without all this modern junk we call progress? Did we ever depend on our enemy to heal us? The most prosperous people in this land now caught in a time trap and reduced to only what their enemy hands them, like a "paycheck and benefits". We've traded the life we make for ourselves for their paychecks and benefits.

Remember what I said about the kids running and hiding, that is what we're doing today from our true selves. When they show-up we run and hide. By today, we're bred and born into this perverse society to die the same way. END OF LIFE CARE

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!