intelligence failure

Not another one??? Why would any responsible person use deadly force without first confirming what has been reported?

Are we that anxious, intelligent, intelligence, he said, she said?  I'm lucky to be alive, that identity thief, wrongfully convicted all that kind of stuff I've managed to survive. 

But a widespread intelligence failure, somehow I feel some sense of responsibility for. The war shit never made sense to be and I never u[nderstood. Then you have people asking, "is an intentional coverup an accident or crime"? Only the culprits would say accident.

Does intelligence replace common courtesy? Would you go bust your neighbor’s door down because police said he was hiding a pet snake? Isn’t that the same as the mob mentality and taking matters into your own hands?

There’[s so much underhanded shit going on today under the pretense of transparency, it makes you sick. Not only did we lie, kill innocent people, we singled out many Iraqis, including Sudan Hussein, His sons and murdered them.

As a government official, wouldn’t you be concerned/caring enough  for the lives of others to go through the proper channels of confirming reports before initiating an all out attack? And these motherfuckers are supposed to be Commanders in Chief, Presidents, high ranking officials....Well, why didn’t our government respond in a responsible manner to all of this? We publicize lies but hide truths. Isn't evading the truth a sin?

Now, we arrest the gentleman for the "shoe throwing incident" but the mass murderer is still on the loose. Bush Shoe - Your Inner Voice

The President Bush decision to engage in war base solely on intelligence is not a mistake but negligence and failing to admit the mistake, when you know it was a mistake is crime. And because of the severity of our actions "murder and assault on innocent people", the Iraqi/American war wasn't a war but a (((war crime))) and Mr. Bush should be tried for such. And for not admitting or trying to stop this great atrocity; all of us should feel guilty. Now, let's do what we always do, "sweep it under the carpet" and act like it never happened.

While we the people stand ignorantly by, our government continues to present intelligence as fact when in reality it is unsubstantiated, contradicted and even non-existent.

Journalists, intel people, religion who can you trust anymore? Checks and balances.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!