What inspired MLK I have a Dream

Because they marched America Changed? The problem is the change was on the surface to be perceived as change, however in reality, nothing has changed for the better. Only the tactics change but our neighborhoods remain the same. What white would allow you to change their lives. They would outsource everything before doing that, so the root of all this evil states the same. Then, why is Barack H. Obama catching so much hell? And if he's catching hell, what do you think about me. He has enough trouble saving his own ass because we as a people ain't going to do shit worthwhile.

Why is gun control a problem? Is it to defend ourselves against each other.

The same injustices we face today:  Jobs and Freedom, withering injustice, The "chains of discrimination, poverty in the midst of vast material prosperity.

2013, hundreds of years later the negro is still languishing in the corners of the American Justice System and finds himself in exile in his own land. Why is that?

Ain't nothing changed in the likes of Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, DC and the niggers in all the other states are just assimilating, which means "they only want to be like white people". We're trying to conform to something that hates our guts.

White folk promote niggers who assimilate until they are no longer any good to them. They refer to them as "good niggers".

What we fail to realize slavery is a choice. Africans didn't have to be slaves and you still don't if you realize you are enslaved and enslaving.

Seeking a better life, the American Dream, is what enslaved us. Fear for our lives is what kept us in slavery and that same seeking and fear is multiplied today. The oppressor now in your brain and uses things (money, education...) to manifest this fear, the invisible whips and shackles of 2013. And fear is so ingrained we use it against each other.

We all have a dream, but what good is it when nothing to very little is done about it or it's done half-heartedly or cloaked in racial relationships.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!