Black” Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly

How many of you think that way, why?

Can't we ever do shit just because "we want to"?

I've voted for a lot of Presidents by now and there ain't one who ever did shit for me, accept make my life more complicated.

Does the voters right act include all black Americans or is it the vast majority of African Americans? How do black people know when they are black? How do Africans Americans know whether or not this law applies directly to them? Why must we vote for what should be a human right?

Since “Black” Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly

Why blindly kill the man who opened the door to free more slaves? Whether you think your black ass to be one or not, the truth remains. There are still far too many African Americans who are still their slaves and if you are getting a nice little healthy paycheck from “them”, more than likely your black ass is one too.

Is this shit for real or is this shit for play, ask a veteran? What stop the rest of us from escaping because your black ass thinks you, alone, are already free. Well, if they hate Barack Obama, what do you think they think about your black ass? And you have nerve to call yourself a “professional journalist.  What kind of journalist are you when you don’t understand, there are a few of us out here putting our lives on the line so you can freely say that. The problem is,,, you don’t appreciate shit, nothing above your own ass.  Since “Black” Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly…

You are damn right and we appreciate the courage of such a man. You couldn’t do it, no matter how white over educated you think your ass may be. I might be a “po ass blogger”, but I got sense enough to figure out this shit.

I call niggers like you and here’s why . You’re not a group thinker, just out to promote your own crazy ass.

Reducing our murder rate, single mother household rate, increasing number of males and (((females, especially of color))), under state supervision would seriously diminish if we followed the lead of President Barack Hussein Obama. Nor yours but his.

Prior to the close of Central State Hospital, at one time, there were more than 33,000 mentally ill patients in Milledgeville, GA alone. Where do you think these crazy ass people went?

Unemployment, middle-class asset attrition, and other negative quality-of-life indicators. Oh, so because you are where you would like to think you should be means the rest of us are subordinate to you and you see yourself as a superior being? In seeing yourself that way, means the rest of us are inferior. Is that how your parents taught you, that you’re a cut above the rest of us broke down ass niggers?

What does being “white” mean? Who are you and who are you trying to be? From what tribe are you and to what people do you belong, by birth? Are you loyal to your family, then why in the fuck are you so concerned about whose following the President of the United States?

Why can’t you just be happy with the man for achieving what you say, the rest of your people couldn’t.

Not because he's a black man but he's a President of a World Power that you are too fucking stupid to even realize. Not because he's black man but because he's a President, who just happens to be a damn good Black man and unlike your uncle tom ass, he ain't scared to admit it.

For once in my life time there was a man who was so manicured he was able to legally accomplish such a great feat and he happened to be black. His presence in that position is proof, a confirmation that the doors of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade are now open in America and if you are so inclined, you may safely walk through those doors to freedom with dignity, because these white folk ain't giving you shit., I don't care how over-educated you are. 

We're happy for him and his accomplishments and out of respect, we're eager to help and know that he and his are alright, just like with any other human being who excels at a challenge to help us all. Bar all the bullshit, we couldn't have made a better choice and he's stuck by us, no matter how short lived our loyalty.

We can't know everything so we must depend on each other. I would blindly follow him for those reasons and before following many others. I believe he has a better understanding of what's going on in double-standard America than anybody else and compared to other Presidents have done the best he could for All people,  especially given the very unstable circumstances unique to America.

We follow BO because "we want to".

(((your inner

Who's Supporting Who 


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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