Martin Shkreli

Who blew the whistle and why, who's feet got stepped on?

Don't know the guy, but seems to be very young and rich as hell. Plus, there's a certain amount of power or leverage, I should say that comes along with this all.

Most millionaires won't even talk to you, why is that? But not Martin Shkreli, looks like the kind of guy who, bar all the bullshit, is very dedicated and seriously wants to do something extraordinary for his industry. Which he articulated very well on the video I saw. After seeing his video, you gotta like this guy, and whether you like him or not, you've got to respect his plan. This guy is "for the people". So who is the media for?

However, it seems like the media is bashing him to hell and back for Business as usual. Then, you take an industry known for being very influential, determined to push their own agenda, just making themselves look stupid, trying to make someone else look stupid by doing only what they're told or allowed. Are they listening, do they ever?

just want to do a little check up from the neck up: Gas prices not only skyrocketed but fluctuated in price everyday and the media and politicians supported this price gouging.

Housing is just totally unaffordable and we support this price gouging, calling it inflation. Utilities, """Insurance Companies""" - pay for the insurance and pay to use it. Evil banks, have you forgotten Fannie Mae and Freddie ... 

Bailouts, how many billions paid out to corporate companies portraying themselves "needy"? And those bailouts were sanctioned by our government and paid for by hardworking, not profit, taxpayers. What did the needy people get from that,,, even more price hikes. This time who's feet got stepped on to start yet another great media feeding frenzy?

How much do these same HIV taxpayers pay to seek out and kill terrorists? This guy is doing something that will help "the whole world" and what are doing, how are we responding, when we're only focused on Self for selfish reasons? Heck we haven't gotten over the Bill Cosby ... don't we have more important or at least more important shit you think we ought to be looking at, researching and reporting? What the hell do you know about research and reporting other than to "kick a good man down", to kick another fellow American down? More security, police and police junk, yet they get no better while taxpayers pay more money for more crime? Think about the implications of stuff like this and it goes on in every industry, waste, fraud and abuse?

It amazes me how we can single this guy for what everybody else is doing? Tobacco, industry, how ethical, moral is it? 

Have you been to the hospital lately? What's the average costs of just one overnight stay- thousands of dollars and it's all under "health care - pharmaceutics"? 

So, who dislikes the business practices of Martin Shkreli so much as to "throw dirt" on his business practices. Don't our leaders think like this? They get a salary for life after serving only 4 years. Do you think this whistle blower is blowing the whistle because he honestly gives a shit if HIV patients get their meds or not?

If he was really guilty of corporate greed, had he joined the crowd, would anyone say anything? Now, who's most vilified, hated is it mass media or auto dealers?

Good luck Pharma Bro.

(((your inner

"Extortion A Way of life in America"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!