Masculine and Feminine America

We refer to America as her but that is about as far as it goes.

The America we know is very violent, abusive, all those masculine traits, we deny. Very seldom do we give our women credit for being the breadwinner in America. They might win the battle but not the war, but all of this is quickly changing. If what is about to happen, happens the masculine side of America will be forever be changed. Why is this so threatening?

They don't teach you this in school, so you enter life a bigger fool.

America is so accustomed to being lead by our own phony definition of masculine figures. We overlook the fact of how violent and abusive these motherfuckers were. As much as we would like to believe this and would like you to believe, we know otherwise. Though women contribute, we recognize very few in comparison to recognizing men. As a matter of fact, we consider it an insult for a woman to take care of a man, even though they do. How many women war heroes?

America have lots of women but we still treat'em like shit. We have more conditions to treating women than a porcupine has quills. What color, size, beauty, sex... anything but equals and women would like for us to believe they go along with this shit to get along. How stupid is this?

Now, women are starting to address the masculine side of them and men too, shit is being turned all around. All them lies we were telling are coming back to haunt us. If we treated women with any dignity and respect, this same-sex shit would not be so traumatic. But because we treated them so inhumanely, they may never fuck another man, not in a sexual sense. Same for men. It is going to take a mighty train to get us back on track and that track is dignity and respect for all people. How can you have it for one and not another?

The whole masculine way of Americans doing  business will have to address what we have historically ignored, our feminine side. America, her power and prestige that go along with being the leader of the free world will be up for grabs, to the man who enter between them thighs. For the first time, she will be forced to pay homage to a female hunter, fisher woman, gatherer, commander in chief. What happened under her leadership of an alleged Black American?

Talking about a happy serious marriage, it is already known her husband was caught getting his dick sucked in the White House and what action did she take??? And they say Donald Trump is crazy. Is he still her husband or now, her cheating ass husband? My point being, our society allows men to do all this nasty shit and he comes out smelling like a rose, when a woman would be considered a filthy whore. And these confused ass people, who publicly denounce prostitution, are so eager to dictate to you how to live.

Why is the likes of a Hillary or Donald so eager to destroy each other to dictate to you how to live??? Because they are unstable and dissatisfied with the way they live, so they want to make everyone's life miserable, as miserable as theirs. Hello and welcome to, Getting Over a Masculine Dominated Society for Dumbies what we want the world to believe .

(((your inner

"Human Intelligence and Human Beings"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!