the art of mind control

dO i DESERVE A LITTLE PRESS? Not coming out until things change for the better???

PROBATE THIS ESTATE- No jobs, No money? No worker-bees no production, so what good would it do for me to implement the art of mind control, to remedy this situation? Crime at an all time high, we hate our President, can't decide which party... do I just go for the money or can I have my cake and ice cream too?

What would General Petraeus say? With a name like that, if you only knew? Would he be cheating on his family? (((Betray usI?)))

Can you control my mind? Can you make me think what you want me to think, whether I think that or not? Can I control your mind, your thinking? Is it easy or hard? Do you know what you're doing when you tell a lie? Then why do it? What if the reason was to "only get what you want? How, what, would that leave me?

Somebody said, If a man will cheat on his wife... At this critical point, in his life, what would he recommend? Would he suggest keep cheating until you get caught? Would you follow those orders? Then get ready for the big let down?

Not IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT! How can I compete with the likes of people like you? You say I want all the women, but the real question is "what the hell do you want"? What are you willing to do to get it? HOw low, cause HI is a good thing?

Why do our schools say, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste"? Why if you don't use it any way? What if you can't because you're taught to think like someone else?

your inner voice? To whom do you listen, look forward to seeing, take out the most time for? Then, why don't you listen? If listening is the most important skill of the communication process... why fool yourself?

To whom are you listening and why?

Phony ass people like you, can you be partially phony, phony some of the time? A phony person is simply a phony ass all the time. No matter if he does it once, once in a whille.... YOu can never trust yourself again?

I never was phony, I tried to be a few times and I quickly learned where it would land me, because I just didn't like and ain't going to lie to myself?

And to be consider a FAKE, I just couldn't cope with the thought. I always thought about my responsibility to others, Always thought it was and I appreciated my parents for allowing that one thought to get through.

I have a sincere responsibility to others, to do my very best, so I could be there, JUST IN CASE.

i knew being unprepared could only led to failure, I don't care what others do? No matter the country,,, education, power, position... I am responsible for only one ass. If I do not take good care on my own ass, well, already know.

What did they do to horse thieves? We used to police our own, what happen? Does it need changing or are we getting better?

Your ability to make sound decisions compromised is essentially the issue with mind control. Your right to choose, whether you want to or not? Is that how sex goes? What if we mind controlled all our women, children, friends, family members…; would that help or make worse? Would practicing the Art of Mind Control make thing/matters better, for you and for me?

Would I do that to you? Would your leaders do that TO YOU? Would you do that to anyone else?

Just to get what you wanted, would you participate in the Art of Mind Control? Just depends on “what mind, which mind, whose mind” you’re desiring to control.

If you can’t control your own mind, why in the hell would you attempt to control anyone else’s? What would be the result of such? You don’t know what you’re doing and now you want to do it to someone else?

Who needs help? Why wouldn’t you just ask for help? Only a sick mind would waste his value time on the Art of Controlling the minds of others.

Would you then want to control the world? The Willie lynch theory is alive and well.

Now, there are several mind control practices to help people get over or through,,, to better cope with what’s going on, but what good is that when someone else controls you?

Why can’t you think for yourself? Is that you don’t have anything purposeful, well intentional to do? Then, why are we “secretly desiring” to control the mind of another human being? Is that fair to the less fortunate, is it considered a humane act? What if someone, anyone with malicious intentions controlled your mind? Would they work you to death? Would they employ you, why would they employ anyone who thought with their “own mind”?

Do you get my point now? Backstabbing, back biting, cowards trying to get somewhere, at any cost, for their own self-serving reasons? So, if sixteen states were making plans to succeed from the union, what does that tell you about the Union? Should I prepare now or later? Whose best interest do they have in mind?

The Art of Mind control is an invaluable skill, when used openly, then people can decide.

One human to another, mind control from A Phony Ass??? Being wise enough to know the difference, you must be yourself.

(((your inner

Will you come here?


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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