Will Power

Art in grave

Will it happen- what does "will" mean?

Do we want/will to go backwards? Does anyone will to be murdered or abused? Does anyone will to be lied to? What are our work ethics and morals?

You hear "will" all the time. Will you do this or that? Everybody needs a last "will" and testament? Be it God's will? Free will? Why is "will" so important? Is it really our intention, our will?

Will and might ... will and military might? Will power? Where there's a will there's a way? Will against a doctrine?

Today, quite often what we say goes without true meaning and understanding. Does that mean, we say one thing and mean another? Are we really intercommunicating? Does it really matter if people do not know what we're really saying? So we get a lot of confusion and chaos - arguments going.

Will - of controlling one's own actions. Will is used to indicate a simple future in time. The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action:

What does it take to turn our economy around? Predestination vs. Predetermination?

Just as in the rest of nature, our lives are already predetermined. Whether you do or don’t, you are going in the same hole as everyone else. Let me put it another way: Like a leaf falling from a tree, you may sway in all directions, but the bottom line is, you "will" keep falling until you hit the ground.

However, what’s not predetermined is how you treat yourself as you are falling, keeping in mind, one monkey does not stop this show. The thing that keeps us all in check is, What you do to others “is” also done to you.

Like a wound after healing, your impact on earth will soon be forgotten, no matter how little or how much. The earth and our world upon it is constantly changing and there is a good reason for that.

Logic and common sense, where and what is the incentive to do evil? You cannot do evil and get away with it. You can try, but why waste your time and effort? You “will” only destroy yourselves. Logic and common sense will always prevail.

You cannot help it, nobody wants pain and suffering. Stupid, ignorant people challenge this law, but what do they get ,,, more pain and suffering. Who gives a shit about your own mind and your own “will”? Your will is already done so you cannot get away with it. Can a cow not be a cow, a lion not a lion or a horse not a horse? I don't care where you put them, how many times they eat, sleep or pray, it is what it is. All of that is for your own peace of mind. We all have our talents but we are "all" human beings.

If you do not keep your house clean, you "will" be the first to suffer. If you do not help people in need, who will help you during your times of need?

Doing good is "the only choice", any other will be self-destruction.

Will (((your inner voice))) prevail?

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