Our people suffer from Misplaced Priorities

HAVE YOU EVER MISPLACED ANYTHING, WHAT ABOUT MISSPELLING? MISPIACED PRIORITIES, Over incarcerated under Educated... Does having all the best things in the world make you happy or better?

There's nothing more aggravating and time wasting than looking for something you know you had, but you just can't seem to remember where you put it. You know where you ought to have put it, but it's in none of those places. Think about that as you read here.

Our people suffer from MISPLACED PRIORITIES, which means what we're doing is not appropriate nor correct for the circumstances. Our major cause of suffering, what's happening today, is a telling sign of misplaced priorities.

This type of suffering is not only unique to America, but the whole world. It has so implanted in the camouflage of our society, we now think it to be a normal part of living.

 Misplaced priorities are like a terrible disease or plague, spreading the world over and faster than a wildfire. Everybody is seeking to live like the Jones. Selfish living, there are more emphasis on "me" than "we". How do we think this is better living?

If you want to be rich, count the things you have that money cannot buy. What we need to learn is how to appreciate each other and use things instead of abusing each other and loving things. We must teach our children people are created to be loved and things are created to be used. We must be better organized.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!