Ever felt a little crazy?

Well, I used to think I was the only one, until/// The Humane Society...

I hope the pay is worth it! Do you know the game NIGGER's play on each other? I don't know what it is about white folk,,, but they make NIGGERS do some stupid ass shit. They are so embarrassing they give negative meaning to that word. I can just imagine getting paid for being called that word. I'd be one wealthy man by now and wouldn't even had to work for it. 

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words shall never hurt me! Were you taught that, did it really sink in or did you find a way around it? I won't mention some of the other names I've been called and didn't even fight. See, that's the kind of crazy with which I'm dealing? Is it her or is it me or both? Do you reckon she ever feels even a little bit crazy?

One in four people have mental health problems, you can be the one that doesn't.

Are white folk NIGGERS too? Do they do some crazy ass shit, as much as we do? Whose running from who here? Why must i keep chasing your ass, why do i? Is it that dollar dangling from the side of your pockets? She said I'm going to have to do what yall do in order get what you got!!!

From where comes all this shit? Whose responsible, whose bringing it in, whose destroying us?

Is it me? Think about that for just a moment, seriously, seriously, honestly... Talking about crazy shit, why? Why would anyone do that to themselves? Is it pleasure or pain, why both? Does pain make pleasure? More crazy shit

Is it me? Is this?

Is this somebody you know? Why put anybody through this kind of shit, especially yourself? Are things going to get better, are they?

You talk about memorial 911, but where is the memorial day for The Trail of TEars? What's more important about 911 than The Trail of TEARS? Which of these incidents were greatest? For the commitment of which atrocity would you apt to be more severely punished? More crazy shit?

How did we get to be a "take it society"?

Was it our Scientists and great technologies, for which we boast? Was it guns, fire power, terrorizing? Was it wealth and our great ability to create it? Was it our education, schools of higher learning? Was it our sacred religions, which makes us all loving and God fearing?

Was it out of our ability to love, respect and embrace our differences or are we still at war with self? So what am I when I think a certain gender, age group, culture, ethnicity should not mix, when all I ever did was fucking TAKE?

You took this land and what did you do with it, is it better or worse?

You took this people of this land and what did you do with them, do they like you any more?

You took the resources of this land, are they more, cleaner, more useful? And how do you call this GOOD? Winner takes all, The Humane Society?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!